God Bless the Selfless Soldier

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God Bless the selfless soldiers who offer their life for me
But cursed be our country’s leaders who “spread democracy

Please comfort families back at home that worry every night
And judgment be upon evil men who pretend we need to fight

Keep safe our sons and daughters who patrol fields of poppy, oil, and grain
Believed to be protecting our freedom, they’re guarding evil men’s gains
Support our troops and bring them home to their loved ones they adore
Stop saying we are bringing peace through useless, dirty wars

Restore the love of family, let the soldiers remove bloody stains
If citizens knew what true motiveswere, our leaders would cower in shame
The “land of the free, and the home of the brave”, phrases once held in esteem
America needs to awake to the fact we are now a new regime

If we truly loved our freedom we would defend it here at home
Not impose our will on others through killing at night with drones
God, restore to us your favor, remove our desires for power and gold
Turn the hearts of this nation to the principles the Constitution holds

Bring our soldiers back from war; let them feel our loving embrace
Or this fake “War on Terror” will never end, and we’ll never be truly safe

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