The Wounded Soldier

This post is dedicated to those men and women who, though declared warriors and soldiers, have the goal of returning to their wives and children safe and sound. I’ve had the opportunity to hear many weep for their actions and suffer unbearable pain for that which they’ve been sent to do. May the day come when they can share their greatness daily with their families and not be in far off lands. This poem is dedicated to them.


The world honors me as a soldier today
But that’s not what I want to be
I’ve never wanted blood and war
I’ve only dreamed of peace

You call it a great sacrifice
My leaving kids and wife
But have you once considered
The agony of taking another life?

We say we’re bringing freedom
To countries around the globe
But think of women and children
Who cry while bombs explode

Where is the peace for these ones?
The innocent of God’s seed
What of the love that they deserve?
Must they die and bleed?

Don’t honor me as a soldier
I’m not a man of war
I lay awake and weep at night
“What are we fighting for?”

We are not any safer
We are not making free
With tanks and bombs and gun and fire
Am I the only one who can see?

If you value all my efforts
If you honor my sacrifice
Don’t support the reign of war
But stand up for saving life



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