The Five Most Viewed Movies Of All-Time

Alright, so maybe the title was a little deceiving. It’s true in part, but I left out two words: “By Me”. I recently was reminded of a movie I used to watch over and over as a kid. I loved it. I decided to scour the internet until I finally found one company that actually sold the movie. I bought it for the kids and they loved it too! Now my little boy can have a crush on the same girl I had a crush on when I was young.

“Regina” in The Witching of Ben Wagner

This got me thinking about the movies I watched as a kid. I give you my top 5 most frequently viewed movies:

1. Hoosiers or The Natural

Such great movies. The two best sports movies of all-time. Who can forget this scene in Hoosiers?

Best scene: It sends chills up my spine just thinking of Jimmy Chitwood coming of the dribble and nailing the shot at the buzzer to win the Indiana State High School Championship. Not to be outdone, Roy Hobbs’ powerful swing brought the NY Knights the pennant. Best scenes: Hobbs knocking the cover off the ball and nailing a home-run into the lights and creating his own “fireworks”.

2. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Yes, it’s as cheesy as it looks

I know, I know. But this I blame on my sister. It’s actually a pretty good movie if you take out all the singing and dancing. Best scene: Milly flips the table of food over onto her new family. “If your gonna act like hogs, you’re gonna eat like hogs!”

3. The Witching of Ben Wagner (aka, The Adventures of Ben Wagner, aka Ben Wagner)
They changed the name a few times to make it seem more family friendly. Great movie with the most annoying big sister you will ever meet. The best scene? Ben flies his RC plane from the back seat of the car as his family is driving to their new house. I wish I could do that!

4. On Our Own

Four kids lose their mom to illness and their deadbeat dad is in prison. This sends them on a wild goose chase to try and find their uncle Rick, who they hope can help them. Best scene is when the youngest boy picks up manure and chucks it at a bully.

5. Remo Williams

If you have not seen this movie, good luck finding it. I don’t think it’s on Netflix. Best scene is when Remo breaks out of the gas chamber by using a guys tooth filling. Best quote is by his master Chin, who said “Women should stay home and make babies”.

What were some of the movies you watched as a kid?




  • Anonymous says:

    Ben, I just discovered your blog and I have to say I love it! Especially your heartfelt posts about fatherhood. I worked many long hours as one of the team of people who produced On Our Own. How surprising to find this locally produced film remembered after so many years. Maybe all those nights I didn't get home in time to tell my kids a bedtime story, because I was working late on the

    • Adam, thanks for the nice comment. I could have written a lot more about &quot;On Our Own&quot;. It&#39;s one of those movies that you could watch over and over and never get sick of. It has a wonderful message with a lot of good humor too!<br /><br />I added a contact email on my blog, thanks for the reminder that I wanted to do that!

  • scott says:

    We owned all those except number five, I wouldn&#39;t put them on our top five. I&#39;m not sure I remember…my sisters would though. The version we had was called &quot;The Bewitching of Ben Wagner&quot;.

  • Ticklemedana says:

    lol we didn&#39;t own a ton of movies as a kid. My top five would probably be An American Tale (knew that one so well I would recite it in my head to help me fall asleep), Commando (yes the one with Arnold Schwartzenegger. lol. My parents didn&#39;t really regulate what we watched and my sister had a crush on him. ha.) The first Back to the Future, The Running Man (another arnold movie…not my

    • Ben says:

      Ah, I definitely should have added Back to the Future. The Neverending Story was one we always watched at school. Is it any good? I think I remember liking it. I have a bad memory.

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