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Thieves with Vocal Chords

I'm amazed at all the YouTube sensations that have popped up and become famous. I find it really funny when they become famous for copying other people's work. What is your opinion of these artists? Are they really artists or are they just thieves with vocal chords? Here are a few pretty famous copy cats. The first is Tiffany Alvord and the second is Megan Nicole.

I think they are very talented. It's neat that people are able to disperse their talents to such a large audience, a global audience. Good for these girls. 


  1. I've been following Tiffany Alvord for a while. (that sounds weirder than it is) She's grown into such a great performer.

  2. I saw some of her earlier stuff, and what she does now, and I agree. I think she's very talented. What I like about her is she seems very down to earth and genuinely grateful. Most artists thank their fans, I feel like she really means it.