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The Sting of Death

For those of you who don't view my blog of poems, I added this one today. I had a friend who lost someone  close to her recently. It was a mother who died after childbirth. God bless her and her sweet, young family.

When death comes swiftly in the night
So unexpected to our sight
When young ones die before they should
Our hearts break, and well they should

The pain is deep, the sting is real
It's all-consuming, it's all I feel
I want to move on, I want to mend
But why did this life have to end?

It's one thing if they're old and gray
They've lived their lives and had their play
But when they're fresh and young and new
With so much left in life to do

It's time likes these when all I hold
Is to my faith of what's been told
Of life forever with those we've lost
God recompensing every loss

But still the aching here remains
Though lessened by eternal gains
What can I feed my struggling heart
What words of wisdom can you impart

I need not words but hands and hearts
A warm embrace is a good start
I want to cling to those I love
For fear they also sail above

God - comfort me this lonely night
Help me win this horrible fight
Send some loving friends my way
So I can make it one more day

And bless the memory of the lost
I'll cling to the past - at all cost
But lead me by the hand tomorrow
I do not wish to live in sorrow

1 comment:

  1. Ben this poem is so beautiful. It gave me goose bumps when I read it and the pain of loss in my heart. I have four children (I think you saw my little zombies) and I am so blessed to be here with them. Beautiful picture too. The poem flowed with such feeling and gentle rhyme. A lovely tribute.