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Fruit Snacks and The Mormon Church

Hypothetically speaking, let's say you had a one year old who would not allow you to sit through Sacrament Meeting, or Sunday School, or Priesthood/Relief Society. How many packages of fruit snacks would it take to keep her happy during a three hour block if I were to give her a fruit snack every thirty seconds?

Calculation would be: # or fruit snacks in each package x packages of fruit snacks x 2 x 180, right? Well, my little darling is a little too young to not choke on fruit snacks so instead I let her make a wonderful mess with graham crackers.

I really don't think God intended for children to go to church. There's a reason they're baptized at 8 right? I assume Joseph Smith was mistaken when he prayed to know if little children should got to church. He thought God said "Nursery". He really said " No siree".

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