Thou shalt not Judge Judy

So this a snobby dude who thinks he is better than everybody else. He loves to judge people incorrectly and be a snoot.

This dude makes an initial judgment that is intermediate and holds off on making final judgements. Cool dude. I wanted to break out from retirement and talk about one of my biggest pet peeves….peoples understanding of the principle of judging others.

We all know the scripture “Judge not, lest ye be judged” and we all know of the JST translation that says “Judge righteous judgement”. We all know these references. Yet, we still love to think that people are judging us and we all have told somebody not to judge because the scriptures say not to. Here is my problem: We all judge other people, and we have to in order to survive and protect ourselves, so lets stop talking about the whole judging crap. This talk by Dallin H Oaks explains when it is okay to judge and when it is best to reserve judgement. Please read it. One of his best points is where he states that it is necessary to judge people, but when never should make final judgements.

A lot of times, especially for me, when I have a first impression, or judgement of someone, it is totally incorrect and the moment I think it I feel horrible that it has even entered my mind. But my mind natural judges people. It’s called a first impression, but that’s why I don’t make final judgements based off of my initial contact.

This was a very boring post…..I have lost my touch…..I think I am going to retire again.




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