Dinner with Dad

So when the old wife is gone and not able to cook dinner, some dads might worry. What to cook, what to cook?? Not me, see I am a dad who appreciates variety and nutrition. And, I’m all for making a pot roast with mash potatoes and gravy, and of course some homemade rolls, heck I do it all the time….But every now and then a kid needs variety. So last night I gave the kids what they wanted.

Hot dogs, cereal, and gatorade. Let me speak for a minute on the benefits of these menu items. Hot dogs are good. Cereal has whole grain. And gatorade has all a kid could ask for–it tastes great and it comes in different colors. I wasn’t going to give the kids gatorade for dinner but Kamri was staring me in the eyes and it was almost as if she was trying to speak to me. I could hear her mind telling me “Rehydrate:Replenish:Refuel” so I pulled out the gatorade and she started shaking her head no (which means yes for her).

My kids wouldn’t stop thanking me and let’s just say I heard “Seconds, please” quite a few times.

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4 Responses

  1. Nimmy Mae says:

    mom would be proud!

  2. Misti Lee says:

    pretty soon the kids are going to want Gina to leave every day and then what are you going to do?

  3. Cassie L. says:

    It doesn’t have to be dinner with dad at my house for our kids to get that kind of meal!!

  4. Gina says:

    I do have to say they looked pretty happy when I got home.

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