Weird Poll Question

If a large bag of lettuce was randomly discovered outside your front door, would you use it? What if it was a BIG bag, like a Cotsco type, and you were supposed to make a salad that night for dinner with some family and friends? And you were late enough as it was, and you needed to run to the store for, of all things, a bag of lettuce. What if you thought it was an answer to a prayer? Like manna from heaven, only lettuce. Would you use it? If not, what would prevent you from doing so? If you would use it, why? Oh, by the way, if you are reading this, you most likely ate some of the lettuce I found on my doorstep, that is, if you are in Utah right now.

6 thoughts on “Weird Poll Question”

  1. If it’s still sealed, I would use it. How would it be different than buying it at the store? When you buy it at the store, you don’t know how many people have touched it. In my opinion, it’s still good. If it’s free you have to take it, otherwise you might jinx yourself and you’ll never get offered anything ever again. That’s why I would always accept a free xbox.

  2. I agree with Scott. If there is no evidence that the bag had been open i would use it. I would also check the date on it, and see how fresh it is too.

  3. I am also in agreement. If it has not expired and it is sealed, I would probably use it. But I would also examine the lettuce to make sure that it does not look gross. I hope that you are not inviting me over for dinner anytime soon! I am glad that you have decided to write something agian.

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