Mormon Hall of Fame

For those of you who have ever been to Springfield, MA, Canton, OH, or Cooperstown, NY, I am sure you have appreciation for Halls of Fame. They are home to artifacts and exhibits that tell a wonderful story. It is an interesting sensation to be able to see and touch things from the past. It places you in a state of “awe”.

Anyway, last night Gina asked if I thought there would be a museum in Heaven that housed some religious artifacts of interest. We got to thinking about all the cool things we would like to see. Here is our list, not in order of preference.

1. The olive branch that the dove brought back to Noah
2. Golden plates
3. Lost 116 pages
4. The other half of forbidden fruit Eve ate (did she just take one bite?? If it tasted THAT good, she probably ate the whole thing–core and all!)
5. Jonah’s harpoon (I’m sure he had one)
6. Breastplate with Urim & Thummin (we have a hard time picturing this one)
7. Moses’ staff (not Aaron, but the piece of wood……did anybody get that joke?)
8. David’s sling (and King David’s binoculars)

9. Br. of Jared’s 16 stones. (And a birth certificate. Was it really Mahonri Moriancumr? What where his parents thinking?
10. Sword of Laban. Laban’s clothes too.
11. Brass Plates
12. Joseph’s coat of many colors
13. Elijah’s mantle, or mantel
14. Captain Moroni’s banner
15. Nephi’s wooden bow (and the broken steel one too)

16. Liahona
17. All of Lehi’s possession
18. Abraham’s telescope
19. Joshua’s trumpets
20. Lot’s salt shaker
21. Samson’s locks
22. Delilah’s scissors
23. Fragments of original 10 commandments
24. Ark of covenant—including the manna and 2nd set of tablets
25. Ammon’s sling
26. Arms of Lamanites that Ammon cut off

What other artifacts would you like to see? The best idea will receive free advertising and praise on my blog. Please post your ideas now!! (Gina says it shouldn’t be called the Mormon Hall of Fame, but we are the only church that has enough money to acquire all these artifacts so I say it should be!!)




  • Cassie L. says:

    need new post!!!!

  • Nimmy Mae says:

    The skeleton of the whale that swallowed Jonah…<BR/>The linen cloth that was wrapped around Jesus body before his burial..<BR/>The rock that hit Goliath…<BR/>The recording of Elijiah mocking the prophets of Baal as they tried to light the fire at the altar…

  • Krista says:

    how about<BR/>1. Noah’s arc<BR/>2. the water vessels built by the brother of Jared.<BR/>3. Nephi’s tools that he used to make the gold plates. and the other records and plates made my his people.<BR/>4. All the things that king soloman put in the first temple.<BR/>5. the stones from Adam’s first alter.

  • Cassie L. says:

    quite honestly…the arms are one of my favorite answers..and i am being totally serious….what a wild story!! p.s. koy wants you to know that the "we" meant him too:)

  • Trista says:

    Seriously, the arms? Gross!

  • I’ll have to think about that, I think you guys (with the help of Cassie and Misti) covered most things. But quite an interesting idea…

  • Misti Lee says:

    I think that Cassie just wins because I agree with wanting to see the cross and the nails. I truly cannot believe that you guys did not think of those things. I think that seeing the sword would be good too. The crown of thorns.<BR/>You guys covered a lot of important items.

  • Gina says:

    How could we have forotten those!!!

  • Cassie L. says:

    oh yeah…and the gifts from the wise men. those always sounded mysterious to me.

  • Cassie L. says:

    Here goes:<BR/>-Lehi’s tent<BR/>-the manger<BR/>-the cross and nails<BR/>-the baskets holding the fish and loaves (always wondered the size of that)<BR/><BR/>we’ll keep thinking

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