Funniest Man Alive

As I think we can all agree, I’m pretty much one of the funniest people you’ve ever met. And if you are reading this blog, but don’t know me personally, trust me–I’m funny. If you are reading this right now and thinking “He’s not funny at all”, that’s just because you are mean and I was so funny in the past that you expect me to be even funnier now and when that doesn’t happen you don’t think I’m funny. Get it?
Anyway–I wanted to share one of my funnier momemts. The scene: outside a coffee shop in Boston. I was walking with my friends and I told them I was going to pull a stunt. Props needed: Mentos.

So I started walking in front of this coffee shop full of people who had an unobstructed view of what was going to happen next. I then intentionally tripped and flew threw the air, crashing to the ground in pain…But wait!!

In case any of you were worried, I hopped up and pulled some Mentos out of my pocket, turned to the people inside the windows, and let them know that all was okay……I got a few of these looks from people inside, but others were busting up. This was back in the day when Mentos commercials were as frequent as Viagra’s are today.




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