‘Well I’ll be”

That’s me. Yep, that’s what I said. The guy on the right. Let me explain. So I signed up for this free trial online and when I sent the package back it “apparently” got lost in the mail. The company charged me $78 bucks for a CD; one silly CD. I called and complained and the guy just shot me down and said “NO NO NO” to everything I threw at him. It was time for “Ban Awkell” to make a little call to the company. It is kind of hard for me to confront people and speak my mind on the phone-unless I speak in a southern drawl- that is. The next time I called I had this thick accent and felt more able to communicate everything. And still they continued to deny me saying there was nothing the could do. At one point I said “You took 78 dolla, how am I supposed to affoed a tucky dinna for Thanksgiven” It was very fun to play this character and I am sure the customer service reps on the other end enjoyed it as much as I did. In the end, I ended up getting $35 refunded to my credit card, and I honestly believe I wouldn’t have if I had not changed the sound of my voice.




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