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Who wears the pants?

I'm sure we all have our own opinions of who wears the pants in our relationship. Ever wondered what others think? It might be as easy as who's name comes first in conversation. For example, when people talk about us, it's "Ben and Gina". Why is it not "Gina and Ben?" Because I wear the pants. Lets see who else is in charge.

Mom and Dad = votes goes to Taunia
Cameo and Jeremy= Cameo
Trista and Terry= Trista
Koy and Cassie = Koy
Ty and Maria = Ty
Pace and Miranda = Pace (for now-but this will soon be Miranda and Pace)

If any of you "non pant wearers" disagree with the aforementioned theory, it only goes to prove that you are not in charge. Because if you did wear the pants, you would be making theories of your own.


  1. Hmm...interesting theory. I say "Gina and Ben". I think we name our sibling first. I'd bet Cassie, Terry, and Maria's families say their names first. Nice try, though. ;)

  2. I am going to say that it is just what ever sounds the best is the order that it is said.

  3. I think I have to agree with Trista; we say it that way because we name our siblings first. But even though your REASONING behind who wears the pants may not be totally right, you are about dead on with the conclusion!...

  4. (Besides maybe Ty and Maria, that's a tricky one...) And we do say Ben and Gina. So here's another theory, except for those who have the same amount of syllables in their names, we say the shortest name first.

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  6. A good CEO doesn't have to make all the decicions he just brings in good people to make all the right decisions. Trista's wearing the pants, but I'm enjoying the the fresh breeze walking around with out my pants. When I need my pants back I'll take them. Trista and Terry it is.

  7. or is it you believe you wear the pants and your wife is smart enough to make you think you are wearing them

  8. I have to say that I most definitely wear the pants in my relationship and I would not want it any other way - HIGH FIVE to being SINGLE!

    There is no good man without a good woman so really men would be nothing without women anyway!

  9. Without looking at these comments, I had the same theory as Trista. Although I realized that when I say the names, I usually say the girls' names first as they are the ones I usually talk to the most. Except maybe Pace and Miranda:)