Bell Pleads Guilty

After the defense had requested more time to prepare a case, J. Bell’s attorneys came back with nothing. Three weeks worth of preparation led to a guilty plea in Salt Lake’s Third District Court on Tuesday. “In further discussions with Mr. Bell, we discovered there was no real chance of presenting a solid case. There are other issues that were not originally apparent when we took on this case” said Bell’s attorney. Instead of seeking representation from another party, Bell decided to plead guilty. His attorney continued, “The real issue was not the money, not the race, it starts and ends with a video game.” Attempts to speak with Mr. Bell were unsuccessful, however his wife did answer one question. When she was asked what the video game issue was in reference to, she said that Arkell has “consistently beat Bell mercilessly in Madden ’07 and the tension between the two had all stemmed from that. ” When asked to comment on the Madden story, Arkell would only say “I thank Reggie Bush.”

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3 Responses

  1. Trista says:

    Wow, did you really put a pic of Warren Jeffs up? Ouch!!!

  2. Hey, maybe you should head on over to and read how it REALLY happened.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Lies and Slander

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