Please, Please, Please-I need some feedback on this one.

Which name is the most appealing, best sounding. (pretend he is a boy you were in love with)

a. Cade Phillips

b. Cade Wilson

c. Cade Jensen

d. Cade Griffin

e.Cade Watson

f. Cade Parker

Any suggestions of a last name that would go well with Cade other than what is already here?


  1. I'd go with Cade Parker, but I am biased since I already named my youngest boy Cade Peyton.

  2. Ooohhh...tough one. Well I think Cade Parker. I obviously am not getting the joke you are making, but am responding anyways. And Cade Parker just because if I were having a crush on someone, I would want to know what my name would be if we were married. And Cassie Parker is the best option.

  3. Okay, I have a few. Parker goes with anything, but I like Cade Nielson, and of your choices Wilson is obviously closest to that.

  4. If I was in love with a boy i think he would be named Cade phillips or Cade Parker

  5. I think Cade Parker just sounds appealing! You can just see his face already. Hmmm....